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What is an access group and how can I set it up?
What is an access group and how can I set it up?

Determine who charges at your charging station and at what rate

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If your charge point is connected to E-Flux by Road you can create access groups. An access group consists of charge cards or users who may charge for free or, in some cases, at a reduced rate at the charging station to which the access group is linked.

There are two types of access groups:

  • A group of RFID cards. These cards can be all sorts of RFID cards that can charge for free. You can add them based on their UID (internal chip) number or visual ID. It is also possible to import a CSV with a batch of these numbers. This is only possible if you have an RFID reader. With this, you can read the chip and add it to the platform. If you are not in possession of an RFID reader, please contact your charge card provider.

  • Add users that have an E-Flux by Road charge card. Create a group and add users who are allowed to charge for free.

Furthermore, the access group can be private or shared. A private group can only be seen by you and you are the only one that can add it to your charging point. A shared group can be viewed by all users of an account and they can all add it to a charging point.

We would love to help you create and use access groups. Click your question to get more information.

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