How do I create an access group?

Configure a group of users that can charge for free

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An access group can be used to let specific users charge for free at your charging station. Follow the steps below to set up an access group and connect it to your charging station.

  1. Go to your E-Flux by Road account and log in;

  2. Go to 'My locations', pick ‘My access groups’ and click '+ New Access Group';

  3. Select what group you want to create. Choose “Users” if these people have an E-Flux charge card within your account and choose “RFID” for other users;

  4. Name the access group, decide if it should be private (only visible by you) or shared (visible by anyone in your account) and save it;

  5. Click the group name and add members;

    1. If you chose “Users”: add users from your account and set the price type.

    2. If you chose “RFID”: you can import members or add them by adding the right token (by adding the UID or visual ID). Want to find out the UID yourself? Read more here.

  6. Go to ‘My locations’ and click on the location you want to add the access group to. Go to ‘Configuration’ and click on the gear wheel to add your access group. Do this for every charging station that you want to add the access group to.

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